As the creator of spinsonde and rotosonde for tropical cyclone applications, we are excited to bring you the next generation in 4D flying. The Typhoon 4D is an advanced 4D flyer that you can build using a combination of additive manufacturing, the Gaui X3 rotorhead mechanics and other components available from hobby shops. With its patent pending design, the innovative electric-powered Typhoon 4D gives you full flight controls during nose-down hovering.

The typhoon 4D is a suitable platform to explore the realm of the unexplored 4D aerobatics including tic-tocs around the lateral and vertical axes. The flying wing with straight-wing configuration has zero flight control surfaces which makes building the kit quick and easy. A wing span of 1060 mm makes it adequately compact to be transported without having to remove and re-install the wings, giving the convenience of essentially plugging in the battery and fly.

The 3D-printable files supplied in the zip file are in the popular STL format that you can readily send to your printer. The kit has been ingeniously designed so that you can successfully print them using single material without having to resort to supporting material or worrying about overhangs. The delight of building the kit doesn’t just stop there. The wings are to be constructed with ease and high degree of accuracy using our ezWingLoft™ technique.

Last but not least, we hope the Typhoon 4D will rekindle the joy of the good old days that comes from building a quality kit except this time with the advent of 3D-printing.

The main propulsion unit uses the Gaui X3 rotorhead (not included with the kit).

Each wingtip rotor is independently driven by a small brushless motor.

The ezWingLoft™ technique ensures that the wings are easily constructed and with great accuracy.

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Specifications    |    Assembly manual (3.3 MB)


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